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Exede Internet Service Provider

Efficiency, reliability and affordability is what everyone looks for when they are searching for the best Exede satellite internet service provider. With the multitudes of providers currently available in the market, it requires keenness to choose on the correct one that will ultimately meet all your needs for a fast and reliable Exede internet connection. We have been in this industry for the last three decades thereby developing the competency and the integrity needed to offer with fast, stable and affordable internet connections and home automation services. Contact us today and notice the huge difference between our services and that of the other providers.

Exede Satellite Internet Service is “Out of this World”

Exede Satellite Internet Service is an advanced satellite Internet service provider using satellite technology from space! Exede high speed satellite internet is engineered with state of the art technology that is used by the military, so why not use these advancements for your home? Exede Satellite Internet service can offer you a high-speed network no matter where you live. Choosing Exede as your Internet service provider means that you can get connected quickly and easily, and enjoy the Internet without lag time. Exede Satellite Internet is “always on” allowing you to connect to friends via video chat, stream movies and music, even play games online whenever you want! Best of all Exede is affordable! Choose high-speed satellite Internet on its own or create the perfect service bundle for your home or business. Exede prides itself on being fast, professional and providing excellent customer service ensuring that all customers, no matter where they live, have access to the strongest satellite Internet service available. This cutting edge technology allows rural customers who have difficulty gaining access to Internet service the opportunity to have the best broadband Internet at an affordable price. Choose Internet service for your home or business, wireless Internet, or a service bundle and start streaming media, sharing photos, or surfing the net today. Along with Exede’s superb high-speed satellite Internet service, you can bundle your home phone service and save money. Exede combines satellite technology with home phone to give you the best service at the lowest price. Get lightning fast Internet service for your home or business and experience latest technology in high speed Internet. We already use satellite for GPS, cell phones, so why not for wireless Internet? The advanced technology is there, so why not use it for our benefit? When you choose Exede as your Internet service provider, you will have access to the strongest high-speed network in your area, no matter where you live. Check email, update social media, and stream video online. Exede Satellite Internet offers high-speed Internet options to fit every budget. Choose Exede as your Internet service provider and get started with the most advanced technology in your area today!

Exede Satellite Internet Plan A


  • Upto 15 Mbps Download Speed
  • Upto 2 Mbps upload speed
  • 9 Mbps average speed promise

Satellite Internet Plan B


  • Upto 20 Mbps Download Speed
  • Upto 5 Mbps upload speed
  • 12 Mbps average speed promise

Exede Internet Plan C


  • Upto 10 Mbps upload speed
  • Upto 20 Mbps Download Speed
  • 15 Mbps average speed promise

We meet all your needs for Exede Internet

The first thing that you will be advised to check upon before you start you hunt for Exede internet providers is to evaluate and have a thorough understanding of your needs for satellite internet. In this manner, all you need to determine is how you intend to use the internet. Do you need it for business purposes, home use, online entertainment, sharing photos in the social networks etc.

For whatever reasons you may have, we have customized options that will ensure that you get just the right Exede internet services you need. Unlike the other internet services providers, we do present you with one fit all solutions since we know that you have different and varying needs.

Affordable pricing

Other than offering you with robust satellite internet packages, we also make them available to you at very affordable rates. You now have the freedom to say goodbye to the annoyingly slow and expensive dial up connection and adopt fast and robust internet services at more affordable rates. Talk to us today to find out the various packages we have as well as the pricing we have for you. We are keen on being your preferred internet service provider hence our main aim is to give you quality services at affordable prices.



  • 1 Mbps Upload speed
  • 5 GB anytime data
  • 10 GB data Allowance
  • Other applications
  • 1Mbps Download speed



  • 5 Mbps Upload speed
  • 10 GB anytime data
  • 10 GB data Allowance
  • Other applications
  • 2 Mbps Download speed



  • 5 Mbps Upload speed
  • 15 GB anytime data
  • 30 GB data Allowance
  • Other applications
  • 5 Mbps Download speed



  • 10 Mbps Upload speed
  • 40 GB anytime data
  • 50 GB data Allowance
  • Other applications
  • 10 Mbps Download speed

For the most reliable and affordable internet services today. Get the power to do what you want in the internet with our options. for more information.

Exede Satellite Internet Satisfies Your Need for Speed! Make the Switch Today!

When searching for an internet service provider, you want a service that is fast, reliable, affordable, and uncomplicated. Traditional providers like dial-up and DSL simply can’t handle the media rich content that is common among popular video and music websites. Cable providers can offer a solution however, with limited cable infrastructure their systems can’t reach those in rural areas and outages are a common occurrence. So what is the solution? Satellite internet. Satellite internet service technology has been around for decades and has proven to be a fast and efficient way to connect to all your favorite websites. Now, with the latest technological advances, Exede satellite internet is faster than ever and can provide you with the fast, reliable, and affordable service you have been looking for! What’s more, satellite internet providers can get you connected no matter where you live! By using state of the art equipment, satellite internet providers attach a sleek, modern dish to your home that is pointed toward the satellite in space. This high tech equipment is able to beam a strong, internet signal right into your home, whether you live in the city or in a rural community. With download speeds 100x faster than dial-up, you will be able to stream movies, watch videos, listen to music, even play games online. Update social media and check email instantly. Like to shop online? With satellite internet service, images load quickly with clarity and there is no lag time. Do you own a business or work from home? Satellite internet service is the perfect solution for any business or home business. In today’s ever increasingly connected world, it is important to have an internet connection you can rely on for your business. Satellite internet service is fast, reliable, and always on so you can email your clients, send documents and proposals, even video chat with clients! Best of all, satellite internet is affordable, so you can spend less time and money on slow, unreliable internet and switch to an internet service you can rely on. Call today and speak to one of our friendly customer care experts who will assist you in choosing the right plan for your home or business.

Satellite Internet Service Gives You More for the Money

When comparing satellite internet service to other internet providers, you will find that satellite internet providers offer powerful high speed connections at budget friendly rates. Now you can take advantage of lightning fast satellite internet service at a fraction of the cost of other internet service providers. Enjoy download speeds of up to 20 Mbps with an average speed promise of 15 Mbps! Make the switch to satellite internet service and save time and money while enjoying the internet the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Call now and let our professionally trained satellite internet experts assist you in choosing the right plan at the right price. Satellite Internet

Having a good internet connection can open up new opportunities that end up having a huge impact in your life. In many cases, the difference between failure and success in everything you do comes down to the amount of information you have. When you have a fast and reliable internet connection, it allows you to gather information for any venture you are involved in.
There are many internet providers in the market offering all types of connectivity solutions. If you are looking for a stable internet platform, satellite internet is a good option. Here at Hakia we offer you a fast and reliable satellite internet connection to meet your needs.
Fast download speeds

If you are wondering why choose Exede satellite internet over other forms of internet, the answer is that satellite internet offers you great speeds and is available everywhere. If you compare the download speeds offered by other connections such as dial up internet, you will discover that satellite internet is many times faster.
Another key feature of satellite internet is that regardless of your location, you can receive a super-fast connection. This is due to the fact that as long as we install a satellite dish on your house, you will be able to receive our signal from the satellite transmitter based in space. 

The main reason that Exede satellite internet is more reliable than other forms of internet is because it does not depend on physical infrastructure on the ground to function. Because dial up and other internet solutions such as DSL depend on cables, they are likely to let you down if there are problems with the cables or phone lines in your area.  
Fast Installation

The one feature you will love about our service is the speed at which we get you connected. Once you subscribe to our service, we immediately make plans to install your satellite dish and connect you to our network. We have a team of well trained technicians to do the job.
In case you are based in a remote area and you have in the past had problems finding a reliable internet company to serve you, we will delight in offering you our service no matter where you are. In addition, you will be happy to learn that we do the installation for free.

While it is a good thing to have an Exede internet service provider that offers you a fast and reliable internet connection, the company should be able to offer you an internet plan that meets your needs. We understand that for you to find our service appealing, we must come up with a package that has the key features you are looking for in an internet service.
For this reason, we have a number of customized satellite internet plans that start from as low as $49 per month. Although many providers promise you a high speed internet, they do not tell you exactly how fast it will be. We offer you internet packages that have fast download and upload speeds that average up to 15Mbps.
With such internet speeds, you can comfortably download any heavy files, stream media and even engage in video conferencing. We welcome you to contact us today to discuss the ideal Exede satellite internet package for your needs.   



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