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Smart Technologies

HughesNet Gen5 SmartTechnologies

HughesNet Gen5 SmartTechnologies bring your Internet experience into the future. This innovative built-in technology is available to all HughesNet Gen5 customers and is included in all service plans.

HughesNet has updated SmartTechnologies for cutting edge, top of the line, Internet quality. This feature allows for faster Web page loading by automatically compressing and optimizing the content, thus using less data. This means HughesNet Gen5 saves on data usage for you while, at the same time, giving you blazing fast download speeds. What a bargain!

HughesNet Gen5 SmartTechnologies

Life is a lot easier with faster Internet. With faster downloads you can do more in less time. Save money since SmartTechnology automatically saves data for you. HughesNet keeps you connected with an always-on signal. There are no hard data limits so, even if you exceed your Data Plan, you remain connected at a slower speed until the next billing cycle. Or, you can buy a Data Token to get back up to speed and/or buy more data.

So shop, learn, work, play and do all the things you like. HughesNet gives you the freedom to access the Internet anytime and the peace of mind that you will always be connected.

Get the HughesNet Mobile App to manage your account. You can pay bills, check data usage, even buy Data Tokens.

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