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New Features

HughesNet Gen5 brings you great new features and is available to anyone, anywhere, coast to coast.

Ultra Fast Speeds

  • HughesNet Gen5 has cutting edge technology that brings you an incredible 25Mbps download speed and 3 Mbps upload speed.
  • With HughesNet Gen5, every data plan includes 25Mbps download speed.
  • Open documents in seconds and download extra large files in minutes.
  • Stay connected and always have immediate access with HughesNet Gen5.
  • Do homework, stream music and video, work online, do your banking.
  • Everything is faster with HughesNet Gen5 which makes your life easier.

More Data

  • HughesNet Gen5 offers double the data per plan.
  • So much data provides you with time to browse, work, play and more.
  • There's no worrying about hard data limits. HughesNet has no hard data limits.
  • Choose a plan that fits your needs or call our customer support staff who will be happy to help you decide on the right plan for your home.

Built-in Wi-Fi

  • HughesNet offers the latest Wi-Fi technology with dual band 802.11ac.
  • This technology gives you amazingly fast and secure connections.
  • The HughesNet Wi-Fi is installed and supported by Hughes.
  • Installation includes up to six rooms to accommodate the busiest home.
  • Guest Wi-Fi for your visitors is secure.
  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5Ghz mean you get extremely dependable coverage and fast speeds.
  • For your convenience, you can monitor data or check Wi-Fi performance online.

No Hard Data Limits

  • With HughesNet Gen5, you never have to worry about your data. Even if you exceed your data, HughesNet will continue your service at a reduced speed until you reach your next billing cycle.
  • HughesNet offers data tokens for purchase should you want to refresh your speed before the next billing cycle.
  • HughesNet keeps you connected at all times. You will not lose your service should you exceed your data. There are no hard data limits.

Video Data Saver

  • Watch more video and use less data with Video Data Saver.
  • With this feature, HughesNet Gen5 gets you three times the video viewing.
  • HughesNet automatically adjusts data rates to stream the clearest quality video which uses less data.
  • Speeds giving DVD quality using less data: Opt in or opt out - Allows you the choice of temporarily or permanently opting in or out of the video feature.
  • Snoozing the video quality feature lets you temporarily opt out for 4 hours.
    • Monitor your usage with HughesNet Mobile App, the Usage Meter or you can access customer support online.

Bonus Zone

  • HughesNet gives you 50GB per month free data! Bonus Zone (2am to 8am) is a data free time period you can use to download large files, system updates, even movies!
  • Each of the four new data service plans include Bonus Zone.
  • Take advantage of free off-peak data. Choose a plan and call today.

Available Everywhere

  • HughesNet Gen5 is available no matter where you live.
  • No phone line required, No waiting for the cable guy.
  • HughesNet is where you live - coast to coast.
  • Free yourself from the frustration of slow or no Internet.
  • Get supersonic 25 Mbps downloads and get free installation in up to six rooms!


  • HughesNet Gen5 offers four separate service plans to fit your lifestyle and your budget.
  • The most innovative technology with super-fast downloads will save you time and built-in data saving features save you money!

Data-Saving Features

  • HughesNet Gen5 automatically reduces data usage by adjusting streaming video for better clarity and performance.
  • HughesNet Gen5 SmartTechnologies allows for compression and optimization of Web downloads so that they use less data and load much faster.

Secure and Reliable Connection

  • With a strong record of dependability and top customer service and support, HughesNet is America's #1 satellite Internet service provider.
  • You can rely on HughesNet for secure, immediate and fast Internet service.
  • Over 40 years as Internet providers make HughesNet the trusted choice.

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