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HughesNet Satellite Internet Installation is Professional and Simple

Call our Customer Care team for your free installation. You can schedule the day and time with the customer support representative or you can schedule a certified installer to call you within 3 days to discuss a good day and time for installation.

What to expect

Next day installation can be available. Check with our customer care team for availability of installers in your area.

Your installer will mount the dish to your home (or approved structure) at least 5 feet above the ground using mounting brackets supplied by Hughes. A coaxial cable jack will be installed in the room where the computer system will be located. Two exterior RG-6 coaxial cables from the dish to the coaxial cable jack will be routed and connected.

Your installer will set up the Wi-Fi modem and is able to connect up to 2 devices. Your system will be properly grounded using hardware provided by Hughes. The certified installer will then check and verify signal strength. And, lastly, the installer will set up and activate your HughesNet account.

What's not included

What's not included

Our installers are not certified to do custom work such as cosmetic hardware, moldings or non-penetrating mounts (such as chimney, roof, or pole). Make sure to discuss the location of the dish with your installer prior to the actual install.

Normally, installers do not remove or repair old or previously mounted equipment.

Installers are unable to mount a dish on a roof over one story in height.

Pole mount is used only when standard installation requires it for a clear site line to the Southern sky.

Get More

Order HughesNet Voice at the same time as your HughesNet Gen5 Internet. Your installer can set them up at the same time.

Don't Forget

Set up your myHughesNet account and get the free HughesNet Mobile App. This will allow you to receive alerts and news from HughesNet. You can manage your data, pay your bill, compare data usage, and much more.

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