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Depending on the plan you choose your monthly rate will range from $49.99 per month to $129.99 per month. On select plans, we offer incentives whereby you will receive a discount for the first 12 months. The incentive pricing period is limited to the 12-month window. It's a great benefit to help you get started as you transition to the ease and speed of satellite internet technology.

In order to get the best pricing on a monthly basis, we require a two-year commitment for service allowing HughesNet to offer the best service at the lowest price. Should you choose to start, but then cancel a two-year commitment, early termination fees are in effect. We require a major credit card or debit card to purchase the plan. We require that you purchase and/or lease HughesNet service and equipment. We have a minimum activation period where your HughesNet service must remain active. Our pricing involves promotional rebates that must be mailed in by expiration date. Other restrictions may apply. Our special promotions are void where prohibited by law. Ask your customer service representative for all details.

Technology performance is contingent upon the configuration of your computer(s), how many other users are online at the same time as you, traffic congestion on the network or on the Internet, and other factors. The maximum potential speeds of each level of service stated here can at times be reduced, for example, at peak times. Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed because we can't control all global and space variables. During peak hours, actual upload and download speed will likely be lower than speeds indicated. Overall, your experience should be an excellent one but we do want to provide you with as much information as possible.

The HughesNet satellite modem (Indoor Unit or IDU) with power supply will be connected to your computer with a HughesNet-supplied LAN cable.
A HughesNet satellite antenna (dish), radio, and mount will be located:
With a clear line of sight to the southern sky.
At least 4 feet off the ground so that it is out of reach of small children.
So that it is accessible with a 24- to 25-foot ladder for quick and easy servicing should it ever be required. This is usually on the first level of the residence.
Up to 125 feet of dual RG-6 cable will be run from the antenna outside to the computer inside through a single exterior wall penetration to an adjacent interior wall. It will then be terminated on the inside wall with a two-connector faceplate.
A grounding block is provided and the entire system is grounded to an NEC-approved bonding point.
All outdoor penetrations and water-resistant compression fitting are thoroughly weather-sealed.

Next-day installation is often available. When you place your order today, the sales representative can check the availability calendar for local installers in your area.

If you'd like, you can inquire if this option is available at an additional cost through your installer when you set your installation appointment. However, home networks are not included or supported by HUGHES technical support.

Custom work, including moldings or cosmetic hardware to hide cables, and non-penetrating roof, pole or chimney mounts (Be sure to discuss complex installations with your installer prior to work beginning).

Removal or repair of previously mounted equipment (this work may be performed with a signed Waiver of Liability).

Mounting to a roof structure that exceeds one story in height.

Pole mount for cosmetic purposes (the pole mount is only included in a standard installation if needed to gain a clear view of the Southern sky).

Satellite Internet, at High Speeds! How Does HughesNet Connect You to the World?

Satellite internet may sound like science fiction, but it's actually been around for a long time. The first steps toward satellite internet began in 1993, when Hughes Aircraft Co filed a license to launch a specific communications satellite. Other companies followed, and the results were faster internet connectivity for remote regions of the world where phone lines either did not exist, or could not provide the type of data bandwidth that was needed for data intensive work.

Fast forward to 2001, when HughesNet launched its ViaSat-1 satellite system, which increased download speeds from 1 Mbs downloads, to an astounding 12 Mbps or higher. Those improvements paved the way toward a more consumer friendly communications solution, and one that could keep pace with the modern demands of the internet as previous satellite internet providers never could.

The System, at a Glance

  • On your end, all that's needed is a computer or internet capable device, a modem, and a receiver dish, which HughesNet will install on your home. If you can see the sky, then you can get our internet services from coast to coast, anywhere in the U.S.. The placement of your dish will always be coordinated to provide you with the best connectivity with our orbital satellite systems.
  • On our end, we've got a wide range of communications systems and personnel that are always working hard to make sure that data is being relayed properly. Our orbital satellites beam information to and from your dish, and your computer receives information accordingly. Every e-mail and photo that you send comes fresh from space-- it's a pretty amazing concept, but it's exactly how you send and receive information on the HughesNet satellite network.

HughesNet provides an "always on" connection that won't require dial-up wait time, won't tie up your phone, and won't drop your internet if you get an incoming call. The satellite technology used to bring you the internet has been innovated, improved, and is constantly being upgraded by the HughesNet network itself as well. That means that you can look forward to better experiences every day.

With an eye on creating new satellite technology opportunities, and creating a consumer-friendly option that provides a true, fast online experience, HughesNet's satellite network can give you some of the fastest speeds around. Check out our plans today, and you'll find great internet at outstanding prices.

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